Quinn AskelandMy name is Quinn and I grew up in Australia where my mum said;

“Fools and money are easily parted”

I was probably 5 years old when I first heard that.

Yep, my mum is old school and tough as nails.

But in some ways it has served me well I recon.

You see, over the years, I have been living and working around the world in a bunch of different countries Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

Along the way, I have learned a great deal about sending money globally – the most important lesson was not giving your money away to banks.

Yep, I did that for years before I learned there were alternatives!

The alternatives are “money transfer companies” or “forex brokers”

But here is problem – Who do you use?

There are so many options (which is great) but which ones can you trust to give the best rates and services that you need?

That is what I will try to answer for you here.

If you want to save a bit more, I will also show you how I time your transactions and save even more – basically it is simple charts combined with alerts also see how to lock-in great rates.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Apart from being being frugal and trying to stretch my dollar further I also like to invest in shares and other investments like P2P lending where you can get awesome returns.


This IS an affiliate site – This means I do make money from some of the links you might click on. I also want to make it clear that I do my best to provide the best advice and useful information even if it is at the expense of not earning a cent. For example, one of my busiest pages is the PayPal page where in certain circumstances PayPal is a great option for moving your money overseas.  Having been working and living overseas myself for most of my adult life, I am basically on a mission to stop people people wasting money on banks and choose the best service for their needs.

If you feel like you did not get any value but still want to use one of my recommendations – no worries – just type the name of the company directly into your browser.

On the other hand, if you feel like you get value and you click on link – then choose to use that service because you think it will help you – thank you very much for your support.

I am NOT a financial advisor or anything like that – just a regular guy. Please do not take my advice as a recommendation and do your own research. Hiring a financial planner is probably a good idea but in the interest of full disclosure – I do not have one and I have done just fine.

Thank you for reading!


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