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What’s Transumo About?

At Transumo, we believe that international travel, overseas business, and living in other countries among other cultures can be the most enriching experiences life has to offer.

And we believe that inexpensive, fast and stress free international money flow makes the world a better place.

We help people and business to make smart choices for their international transfers and payments. #freedom

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Why Trust Transumo?

We only list money transfer companies that are regulated by at least one of the following regulatory agencies:

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But regulation is just the beginning…

We know how stressful and frustrating it is to deal with excessive and sometimes hidden fees.

But worse still is when your money gets frozen or lost somewhere in the system!

And then you might have to deal with terrible or non-existent customer service.

As you will find in everything we do – we care.

By digging deeper than anyone else and uncovering the truth – the good and bad – we empower you to make smart choices.

We also understanding that everybody has a unique set of needs and one service does not suit everybody (or anybody).

Mission impossible?

We’re on a mission to create a world where money has no financial boundaries.

While that mission is bold, a world without financial boundaries makes for a more peaceful, and prosperous world.

Not only is it not impossible, it can only be done one step at a time, and it is happening now on the website.

Since 2009 the cost of remittances has reduced from 9.67% to 6.25%.

But we still have work to do because according to the world bank, “Banks remain the most expensive type of service provider, with an average cost of 12.10%”.

And the stakes are high.

You see, the friction created by international transactions can be a significant barrier in so many ways, and every little step we all make to reducing this friction is a step for positive change.

Together We Can:

Live Freely: Humans are social creatures. Together we do better as individuals, society and humanity when we can interact more easily in the world.

Travel: Money without boundaries means that people can move and travel more freely across borders. This has profound implications for cultural exchange and understanding.

Enabling Others and Ourselves: In reducing or removing barriers to money flow, we can help others and give ourselves more opportunity.

Boost International Business: A world without financial boundaries is an ideal environment for international trade and business. When money flows easily across borders, businesses can expand, innovate, and create jobs more efficiently.

Peace: In a world without financial boundaries, there’s potential for greater economic equality and collaboration and that means more peace.

Who Transumo Helps

Expats & Immigrants

Discovering inexpensive and smart international money transfers, and multi-currency accounts.

Smart Travelers

Choosing the best international prepaid debit cards and multi-currency accounts that suit your lifestyle.

Global Businesses

Finding the best option to save money on money transfers, payment methods, and multi-currency accounts.

Our story so far…

Transumo was born out of the frustration faced by our founder, Quinn Askeland, who spent two decades traveling the world and living in different countries.

In the “good old days” getting fleeced by banks or old-school money transfer companies was the only way.

But over the years the internet has meant international transfers and payments have become far more efficient – faster, with far lower fees, and even more enjoyable.

“Ultimately what that means is now every time I pay someone, move my hard-earned money from one country to another, or pay for something when I am overseas, I don’t feel like a foreigner, I feel like I am in charge of my money and I feel grateful that these new services can now exist. Better yet, I can help others feel the same way!”

In 2014, Transumo was born to help educate and guide individuals and businesses to find the best solutions.

Some Partners Stories

The best guide for money transfers
Love it. Great way to send money abroad… more reasonable fees and trustworthy service.
Baz S.
Freelance Writer / Expat

A must-read for SMART travels
I love how I can manage my money in multiple currencies… Could not be easier.
Vegar H.

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