The Mission

Since 2016, Transumo has had a mission to help others find better international money solutions.

The drive to help others was born out of a painful need to reduce our own fees on international transactions.

We soon realised that many others could benefit from knowing how to find much cheaper and far better international money services.

Now each month we help tens of thousands of people and businesses to do more and save millions on their international financial transactions.

From making international money transfers, low cost prepaid travel cards to multi currency accounts – there are a bunch of fantastic services out there now that are helping in ways we could only imagine just a few years ago.

This is great news for you!

The trick is to find what works best and our goal is to help you do exactly that.

Transumo – International Money Made Simple.

We are free to use.

But more importantly, we have your best interests at heart and love transparency as you will find in everything we do.

A lot of what we say is our opinion only (based on experience and research) but you should do your own research to ensure you make the best choices for your needs.

The Founder, Editor & Writer

In 2016, Quinn Askeland founded Transumo and continues to be actively involved in its weekly writing and editing.

Being an expat of many countries, world traveler, and business owner who handles multiple currencies, he possesses extensive knowledge on how many international services work, especially from a consumer’s perspective.

Though he started work life as a mechanical engineer he retains a passion for understanding how things function.

And now his true joy lies in assisting others in making informed decisions that helps them to save money and get better services.

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