The Cure to Money Transfer Jitters – Currency Exchange Alerts (with a Twist)

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Hi, I’m Quinn Askeland. In 2016, I started Transumo after experiencing expensive, slow, and frustrating international transfers and payments through banks. My mission is simple: to help others simplify and reduce the cost of transfers and payments. Fortunately, today, there are excellent alternatives for international money transfers and payments. See My Full Bio.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes emotions get in the way of good decisions?

I am definitely guilty!

For example, in the past I have tried to save a few extra bucks by watching the charts every minute…

I waited, thinking if I waited for some news to be announced like an interest rate announcement, maybe I could get a better rate only to discover a few days later that if I had only just gone ahead and made the damn transaction I would have saved a few hundred bucks.

Here is the way to end that craziness!

Currency Exchange Alerts

This morning I got an email that saved me $262 (or 1.3%) on a money transfer that I wanted to do sometime this week and it only took me 5 minutes to set up.

As I was making the transaction I thought – “This takes me 5 mins and just saved $262, why not do a little video to show others how it works”

Here it is that video:

List Free Currency Exchange Alerts:

Apps for Currency Alerts

After you have registered with one of these, simply use their alert service.




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