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About Author: Hi, I’m Quinn Askeland. In 2014, I started Transumo after experiencing expensive, slow, and frustrating international money transfers and payments through banks. Once I discovered how to manage my own international currencies much better, I became driven to help others improve their transfers and payments. Fortunately, today, there are many excellent options. See My Full Bio.

Using a money transfer company I recommend with save you thousands but in this video I show you how to make $100 in 10 min really easily with no risk.


Well hello there. Quinn here from Transumo.

Good to have you guys here.

I am just about to make a trade and show you how you can make an extra few hundred dollars, absolutely risk free.

I know that sounds tacky. But it really is – it’s true.

So this is the easiest, easiest, easiest, way to make a couple hundred bucks that I know of in the entire world.

Here it is.

I open two tabs in my favourite money transfer company’s website, and then I basically quite a few minutes for the time to elapse so that I can just click to get a new quote.

So I started out moving CAD 50,000 Canadian to Australia and I started out actually below. This was just below $50,000. I’ve got up to an extra $70 and this is just in 10 minutes.

Seriously, it’s as quick and easy as this.

While I was recording this video, if I click on this and it goes down, that’s okay. What I will do is locking this row, and if it goes up then I’ll just wait another couple minutes. Do a little bit of Facebook, whatever you want to do.

There you go. Ninety dollars.

So I’m over $100 now for this that I’ve made in 10 minutes.

This could potentially easily spike one cent which is the equivalent of $500 here. I’ve seen that happen many times. Usually it’s more in this kind of realm, an extra $100, something like that.

But it’s risk-free money and you aren’t spending really any time. I mean you can go into Facebook or whatever you want to do, whatever takes your fancy while you’re making extra dollars.

Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you’d like to find out more tips and tricks, check out my ebook. I’ve got it on transumo.com. There’s no opt-in. You can just download it at the moment.

I also reveal who I use as my money transfer provide. They have international offices in Australia, Canada, US, UK, New Zealand a few others. Basically got the world wrapped up in terms of money transfer. So I do recommend them amongst others depending on which country you live in. I explain that all on Transumo.

Thanks for listening

Happy Transfers!

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