Payoneer’s Major Issue

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Issues with Payoneer + What to Do 

In the interests of saving others a lot of stress, I feel it is important to highlight some issues we ran into with Payoneer.

Problems with Payoneer?Let me be clear up front, Payoneer can be a terrific solution for many people.

But if this one thing I am about to talk about happens to you I have a recommendation for you – run.

Please don’t hang in there and hope once you resolve things – all will be well.

Let’s focus on the bigger picture first for a moment.

In our review of Payoneer we found it had a score of 4.6 from over 12000+ reviews on Trustpilot with most of the reviews being excellent or great.

However, 6% were poor and bad reviews (one and two stars) which is actually very good compared to others in this business (and most issues are around customer service, which while frustrating and poor form does not mean you loose business).

However, you could experience a big issue – and if it is the the same as the one we experienced – I recommend finding an alternative fast.

The problem is in their verification department, and our experience was similar to these two which have happened recently.

Example Review One

Problem with Payoneer - Review 1

Example Review Two

Payoneer Review 2

This last one says Payoneer is a scam, but I am quite sure this is not the case.

That said, I have singled these two out because your money can be delayed or sent back to the original sender.

Perhaps even this would be OK if the process afterwards was reasonable.

But we do not think it is.

Here is what happened to us.


The first payment: After getting approved to use their service my first payment from a partner was sent back.
(As you might have experienced yourself, it can be a nightmare trying to get paid for something you are already paid for)
At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt that this must be some silly little mistake and after working with them I was able to get them to re-enable my account to receive payments.
The second payment: Frustratingly more information was asked for (same payer as the first) but it did go through.
Sweet I thought, perhaps everything will be fine now.
The third payment: Payoneer asked for four pieces of information which I did my best to provide after an hour or so of messing around with invoices and my website (which was required to prove I owned the website).
The next day I woke to three almost identical emails regarding the pieces of information I sent.
Thank you for providing the information we requested. Paying company name.
Unfortunately, the information you entered does not match our request.

In the end I was able to get paid, but not without a lot of stress and follow-up.

I also asked them how someone would avoid such issues, and I got a response:

Our customers care teams are available 24/7 for chat and calls globally. Our Account Managers are also available to handle any specific issues for existing customers.

Unfortunately, given the customer service issues we found in our full review of Payoneer, rather than recommending Payoneer it might be in you best interest to avoid them if you have any issues whatsoever with payment waiting for approval or having your funds delayed.

You might like our Payoneer alternatives post.

If on the other hand, things run smoothly from the outset then you should not have any worries.

Our experience (and that of others) suggests that even after you think things are resolved, issues may resurface.

Happy Money!

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