How to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App

Have you wondered if there’s a way to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App? Well, there is!

two smartphones with Venmo and Cash App logos with a text How to Transfer Money Venmo to Cash App - 3 Easy Ways

Although, not directly since they’re both payment apps – but there are workarounds.

Currently, there are three different ways to send money from your Venmo to your Cash App account:

  • Setting up a direct deposit
  • Linking your Cash App card
  • Linking your bank account to both platforms

We will explore each method in detail – as well as potential pitfalls. 

By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of whether transferring money from Venmo to Cash App is right for you, choose a method that matches your preferences, how to do it, or figure out if it is worth the hassle.

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1. Method #1 – Setting up a Direct Deposit

In this method, your Cash App acts like a bank account that we will link to Venmo so you can move money between the two payment apps. 

But first, we need to get your Cash App account details. 

Grabbing Your Cash App Details

  1. First off, you’ll need to open up your Cash App
  2. Next, look for the dollar sign on your screen to open up the “My Cash” page.
  3. Once you’re there, look for a button labelled “Cash” with a little dollar sign on it and give it a tap.
  4. You’ll see a “Direct Deposit” section pop up. Click on “Get Account Number” 
  5. A pop-up will appear asking you to “Enable Account”  – tap on it and proceed
  6. Lastly, look for where it says “Copy Account Details” under your account info and copy your routing and account numbers. You’ll need these in just a sec.

Setting Things Up in Venmo

  1. Now, hop on over to your Venmo app and open it up. Click on the three horizontal lines, aka the menu icon
  2. Find “Payment Methods” in Settings and tap it
  3. Look for “Add a Bank or Card” and click it. Then, choose “Bank”
  4. You’ll need to verify who you are with their given methods. It’s just Venmo’s way of making sure you’re really you!
  5. Once you’re all verified, you’re ready to roll. You can send money from Venmo to your Cash App account using the info you copied earlier

This is one of the most direct methods to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App – but it’s not always the fastest

Since Cash App functions like a bank account, your transfer will be treated as a standard ACH transfer with a timeline of 2-3 days – but it’s free. 

Need it faster? Pay Venmo’s instant transfer fees of 1.75% of the amount.

2. Method #2 – Linking your Cash App Card

Already have a Cash Card (the Cash App debit card)?

Don’t want to mess around with direct deposits?

Simply add your Cash Card details to Venmo and load it up with the balance you hold in Venmo. 

Here’s how you can go about it:

Add card to Venmo’s Payment Methods

  1. Open up your Venmo app on your phone. You’ll see a menu icon that looks a bit like a mini hamburger. Tap on that to get to the app’s settings. 
  2. From there, look for “Payment Methods” and give it a tap.
  3. Next, you’ll see an option that says “Add a Bank or Card.” Tap on that and then pick “Card” to move on to the next step.
  4. Type in your CashCard details and you’re ready to go

Note, there may be charges for sending money instantly to your CashCard – typically about 0.5% -1.75% fee (with a minimum fee of $0.25).

Alternatively, you can watch this video tutorial on how to add your Cash Card to Venmo

3. Method #3 Linking Your Bank Account to Both Platforms

Want both Venmo and Cash App to talk to each other?

Link the same bank account to both services as an intermediary. 

This will help you:

  • Withdraw your Venmo balance and then add it to the Cash App
  • Withdraw your Cash App balance and add it to Venmo

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Add the Bank Account to the Cash App

  • First things first, let’s add a common bank account to your Cash App
  • Verify it to start adding money to the Cash App

2. Switch to Venmo

Transfer your Venmo balance to your bank account. Look for a button that says “Transfer Money” and give it a tap

3. Back to Cash App

  • After the balance has made its way to your bank account, open up Cash App
  • On the home page, find the Balance Tab and tap it.
  • Now, click on “Add Cash” and punch in how much you want to add.
  • You’ll be asked to verify this activity with your Touch ID or your PIN 

You can do the same thing in reverse to add your Cash App balance to Venmo. 

Note that charges may be applicable at either end – especially if you’re opting for instant deposits. 

Standard deposits with this method can take 2-3 days but if you want to get your money faster, you can use the instant transfer feature on Cash App. This will let you deposit your money right away, but you will have to pay a small fee.

4. Potential Problems

You should be able to move money seamlessly with the methods we’ve shared above. 

However, transferring money between Venmo and Cash App may not always be the best idea

Here’s why:

infographic of Potential problems when transferring money from Venmo to Cash App

Transfer limits: Both Venmo and Cash App have limits on how much money you can send or receive in a given period. If you’re not aware of these limits, your transaction may fail.

For example, you can only withdraw up to $400 USD per day from Venmo or $999 USD per week (unverified users). 

If you verify, you can send up to $19,999.99 per week. 

Cash App also has limits on how much you can add per day or per week. 

Fees involved: If you use standard withdrawal from Venmo to Cash App, your transfer may be free. However, if you want to withdraw the money instantly and then add it to Cash App, you’ll pay about 1.75% of the amount per withdrawal. 

Funds not protected: The funds you hold on Venmo or Cash App are not usually protected by the FDIC in case of theft or fraud (or if the company goes out of business). 

Your money on Cash App is only protected if you apply for a CashCard (Cash App debit card) – which is issued in partnership with an FDIC-insured bank. 

That’s why we recommend only holding small amounts for daily expenses on either app and withdrawing the rest to your bank account.

5. Safety and Security

Transferring money between Venmo and Cash App through your bank account or using your Cash Card is generally safe, especially since both apps use solid security features like two-factor authentication and high-end encryption.

However, holding large amounts of money on either app, paying people and businesses you don’t know, and linking someone else’s bank account to move money between your Venmo and Cash App can potentially get your account blocked. 

Keep an eye on the limits while transferring money and on the balance you hold regularly. 


Our experience tells us that Venmo and Cash App are both great apps for sending and receiving money – but with no official way to integrate the two popular apps, you’ll jump through a lot of hoops.

Instead of trying to integrate the apps, you might want to use them separately for different purposes. Venmo offers the ability to split bills and share costs easily. Cash App is a convenient payment platform that allows you to shop online and in stores with ease. With Cash App’s cash card (opens a new tab), you can spend your balance anywhere that accepts Visa. Additionally, you can invest in stocks (opens a new tab) or bitcoin (opens a new tab) directly from the app.

If you’re wondering which app you should use for day-to-day use, check out our detailed review: Cash App vs Venmo (Exposed).

Can I transfer Venmo to PayPal?

Yes but not directly, as they are not integrated or connected with each other. You need to use a bank account as an intermediary and have the same bank account linked to both services.

Can I use Venmo without a bank account?

Yes, you can still use Venmo to send and receive money without a bank account. You can link your debit card or credit card instead to your Venmo account. Apart from that, you also need to meet some other requirements to use Venmo.

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