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There are many other great WorldRemit alternatives available, each with its own unique features and benefits:

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  • Wise and Revolut can be potentially better for travelers, freelancers, and small businesses who want to the best exchange rates and lowest fees. Apart from transfers, both services also offer multi-currency accounts, debit cards and Apps that make money awesome.
  • Remitly and PaySend are good alternatives to WorldRemit if you want to send money fast as possible, with more flexibility in delivery and payment.
  • OFX and XE may be better choices for large transfers. OFX specializes in dealing with significant sums as it has no maximum limit on major currencies while XE is suitable for mid-sized to large bank transfers.

Let’s explore the options and find the perfect alternative for you!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and savings on transfers if you use some of the links! For more information, see my disclosures here.

1. Quick Look

WorldRemit is rated 4.1/5 on Trustpilot with over 81,000 reviews which is considered “Great” but all our alternatives are rated 4.1/5 or higher and have some other advantages.

Which WorldRemit alternative is right for you? Check out our quick snapshot.

Namewise logoRemitly logoInstarem logoOFX logoXE logoPaysend logoRevolut logo
Trustpilot Score4.3/54.1/54.4/54.3/54.3/54.3/54.3/5
💸 FeesTransfers at the mid-market rate, low service feeFees depend on Economy or Express service and include a margin on the exchange rateLow service fees and other fees$15 fixed fee for transfers below $10,000 USD, margin on the exchange rateLow fixed fees below $500 USD, margin on the exchange rate, other feesService fees, card issuer fees, cash withdrawals, and other feesFees based on account tiers, exchange rate markup on weekends
🏆 Best forAffordable bank-to-bank transfers below $7000 USDSmall cash transfers below $7000 USDAffordable bank-to-bank transfers below $7000 USDLarge bank transfers above $7000 USDMid-range to large transfers of $500 USD and aboveCard-to-card transfersTransfers in the SEPA region, local Revolut to Revolut transfers
The GoodAffordable, available widely, multi-currency account, debit card, business accountSelect your transfer speed, many ways to send moneyGlobal reach, personal and business transfers, multi-currency payments for businessVery affordable for large transfers, lock-in rates for future transfers, good customer supportPersonal and business transfers, rate alerts, lock-in rates, phone supportLow fees and near-instant card-to-card transfersOpen banking, many subscription tiers, no-fee on SEPA and local transfers
The BadNo cash transfersOnly available in the US, UK, EU, and Australia (available in 28 countries only)No cash transfersGood cash transfers, bank transfers slow (due to verifications for large amounts)Fewer locations for cash transfersNot set up for large transfersNo cash transfers
👍 Why better?Bank transfers are better, multi-currency account & cardGuaranteed cash transfer in minutesCheaper for bank-to-bank transfersVery low fees for large transfersVersatile range for affordable bank transfersFaster transfersOpen banking and money transfers in one app

2. When WorldRemit Works and When It Doesn’t

2.1 When It Works

Affordable cash transfers anywhere:

WorldRemit supports affordable cash transfers to pretty much anywhere in the world to 130 countries in 70+ currencies. 

WorldRemit keeps their transfers affordable by keeping a part of their process online – that is by setting up the transfers on their website or mobile app, they keep the fees lower. 

Some locations also have the option of receiving in multiple currencies – for example, you can send money to Nigeria in USD, while transfers to the Philippines can be sent in Pesos or USD. 

Transparent Fees: 

With WorldRemit’s online calculator (opens a new tab), you can check the cost of your money transfer.

Many payout methods:

While WorldRemit is known for its fast and affordable card transfers, you can also send bank transfers, mobile wallet transfers, and Airtime top-ups to the most supported counters.

a comparison table of when WorldRemit works and when it doesn't

2.3 When It Doesn’t Work

Business transfers

Currently, WorldRemit only lets you transfer money to friends and family. 

If you’re looking for options for global business payments, we have some great alternatives below (including multi-currency for business). 

Large transfers

Sending large transfers via WorldRemit can be relatively expensive because of their fee structure.

Besides, different countries may have limits on cash transfers.

Learn more about WorldRemit in our comprehensive review – WorldRemit money transfer (review).

3. Wise – Best WorldRemit Alternative


Wise (formerly Transferwise) is known for its affordable bank-to-bank transfers (of small amounts below $7000) to 160+ countries in 40+ currencies. 

And that’s not all – they offer one of the best multi-currency accounts in the industry for both individuals and businesses. 

This account also comes with a debit card, a global receiving account in 10 currencies, a business account with cool integrations, and more. 

Learn more about  Wise (review) and Wise Multi-currency Account (review)

Best Features:

Transparent Fees:With Wise, clarity is the key. They ensure you know exactly what you’re paying, with no surprises. Wise calculator (opens a new tab) lets you know the exact amount you’re going to pay, no sign-up up required.
Multi-Currency Account:Hold, manage, and convert between 40+ currencies
Dedicated Business Account:Handle payroll, sync with your preferred accounting tools, oversee business expenses, and even settle international invoices seamlessly.


They charge a low service fee of around 0.66% of your transfer and don’t charge a margin on the exchange rate. 

Another thing that keeps costs low is their local bank accounts in all of the countries they support – no sending or receiving bank costs.  

However, funding with a credit card and mobile wallet can attract cash advance fees. 

The business account also has a one-time fee. 

Support: Email support

Verdict: Why choose Wise over WorldRemit?

Wise offers more than just money transfers and they serve both individuals and businesses. 

While they don’t do cash transfers, they’re reliable and low-cost for bank-to-bank transfers.

Check out the Wise Calculator:Lets you see the cost of your next transfer. No hidden fees, and load of transparency.

Choose Wise if you’re a frequent traveler, digital nomad, a freelancer, or have a growing business that wants affordable bank transfers and a versatile multi-currency account.

4. Remitly – Cheaper and Faster Cash Transfers


Remitly has positioned itself as the go-to platform for immigrants in developing countries who want to send money home to 130 countries. 

A great thing about Remitly is you can choose your transfer speed – and thus the fees. 

The fewer countries for registration may be limiting, but overall they make cash transfers very affordable from the US, UK, EU, and Australia.

Best features:

Extensive Reach:Send money to 130+ countries from check your country here
Many Payout Methods:Send cash, bank deposits, or mobile wallet
Choose your transfer speed:Want to send money immediately? Choose Express. Want value for money? Choose Economy.


They charge a fixed transfer fee that ranges between $1.99 USD to $4.99 USD. They also charge a margin over the real exchange rate.

The Express service may come with additional card-associated costs, especially if you’re using credit cards. 

Plus, it’s always a good idea to watch out for fees that third-party banks may levy when you’re sending or receiving cash.

Receiving agents can also charge a fee if you’re sending cash. 

Support: Multilingual Customer Service

Verdict: Why choose Remitly over WorldRemit?

If you stay in the US, UK, EU, or Australia and want to send cash in minutes with low transfer fees, Remitly is a great WorldRemit alternative.

Remitly also offers home delivery of cash in the Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Choose Remitly when you want flexible transfer speed at a fraction of the cost of traditional remitters like Western Union.

5. Instarem – Low-cost business and personal transfers

Instarem is known for its low-cost bank-to-bank transfers from the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and Singapore. 

They’re available for personal and business transfers and let you send money to 55+ countries. 

Dive deeper into Instarem with our comprehensive review – Instarem (review).

Best features:

Global reach:Make transfers to  55+ countries
Low Fees:With service charges as low as 0.25% to 1%, Instarem is all about affordability.
Business payments:Global receiving accounts in six key currencies, making global business smoother.


Their service fees are between 0.3% to 1%, a stark contrast to many other providers like banks that can easily charge 4% plus then additional SWIFT charges from the receiving bank can make that 5-6% pretty easily. 

While there are other fees (like bank or card fees), small bank-to-bank transfers with Instarem are typically far more wallet-friendly.

Instarem also has a handy calculator so you can see what “they receive” based on how you will fund the transaction and the amount.

Support: 24/7 chat and email support

Want to make your first transfer on InstaReM. Watch this simple and quick video guide that shows you how to send money overseas with ease.

Verdict: How does Instarem stand up against WorldRemit?

While WorldRemit is great for affordable cash transfers, Instarem’s low service fees make them a great option for your bank-to-bank transfers for both personal and business payments worldwide.

If you’re in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and Singapore, Instarem can help you save big on personal and business payments abroad (below $7000 USD)

6. OFX – Large Bank Transfers

OFX makes large transfers easy and affordable from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Eurozone and they help you send money to 190+ countries. 

Starting with an exchange rate margin that reduces as the amounts increases along with 24/7 phone support – OFX is hard to beat.

OFX is available for personal and business but the 24/7 customer service ensures smooth sailing. 

Get the low down on sending large transfers in our in-depth review – OFX (review)

Best Features

Global Reach:Send money to 190+ countries in over 55 currencies
Made for Large transfers:Fees go down as the amount increases
Flexible transfer options:Lock in rates for the future and more
Offline Presence:Offices in the US, UK, Dublin, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. You can’t visit but you can speak to a local.
Multi-currency account for businesses:Make large business payments easier and more affordable


OFX charges a fixed $15 USD fee for all transfers below $10,000 USD and their margin on the exchange rate goes down as the amount increases however we organised to have this fee removed (opens a new tab) so you can avoid these fees altogether – if applicable.

They also have local bank accounts in 115 countries they support – which removes or minimizes the sending and receiving bank fees. 

Support: 24/7 phone support 

Verdict: What makes OFX a great WorldRemit alternative?

If large bank transfers (personal and business) were ever a hurdle for you, explore what OFX has to offer. 

Whether it’s recurring payments or securing a rate for future transfers, OFX has a range of transfer options designed for large transfers.

Choose OFX when affordable bank transfers are a priority for both personal or business purposes – ideal for those who live in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Eurozone.

7. XE – Mid-size and Large Bank Transfers


Regularly transfer amounts of $500 USD and above and wondering how to keep costs low?

Enter XE. 

XE specializes in mid-range to large bank transfers from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe to 200+ countries in 100+ currencies. 

And you can use XE for both personal and business payments. 

Learn more about transferring money with XE in our comprehensive review – XE (review)

Best Features

Global coverage:Send money to 200+ countries in both major and exotic currencies
Expansive limit:Send up to $535,000 USD / GBP 350,000 / CAD 535,000 / NZD 750,000  or sending currency equivalent online
Flexible services:Set rate alerts, lock in exchange rates, set up recurring payments (even large transfers, etc.


XE charges a fixed fee for all transfers below $500 USD or equivalent – around $3.00 USD/€2.00 EUR/$4.00 AUD, etc. This makes small transfers with them not so affordable. 

Above $500, this fee is waived. 

They also charge a margin on the exchange rate, while sending and receiving banks may also charge fees. 


Country-specific phone support

Verdict: What makes XE a great WorldRemit alternative?

While WorldRemit has those small transfers covered, XE takes over for those mid-range to large transfers – $500 USD and above. 

They also offer many cool business payment options like payroll processing, hedging options for large transfers, locking in rates for up to two years, etc.

You learn more here from XE’s website

Choose XE when you want to send bank transfers of  $500 USD and above to 200+ countries worldwide from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

8. PaySend – Affordable, Fast Card Transfers

Want near-instant transfers for small amounts – below $999?

PaySend brings speed and affordability to low-cost card-to-card transfers for both personal and business users. 

Get the low down here in our detailed review – PaySend (review).

Best Features:

Wide coverage:Send money to over 170 countries in 50+ currencies
Multi-currency account:Business users in the UK and EEA get a multi-currency account


Flat Service Fees: Depending on your location, you’ll be charged a flat fee for your transfers.

Exchange Rate Markup: There’s a margin of 0.5-2% on the exchange rate.

Other Fees: These range from debit and credit card fees, and possible bank charges, to specifics like ATM withdrawals and card delivery costs.


Email and chat support

Interested in how Paysend works? Here’s a short video

Verdict – What makes Paysend a worthy WorldRemit alternative?

Paysend is particularly helpful if you want to send small amounts (below $999) in an emergency without your recipient having to go out to pick up cash. 

Plus, they support more receiving countries than WorldRemit.

Choose Paysend if ultra-fast and affordable payments (card-to-card) for personal or business purposes are a priority.

9. Revolut – Open Banking and Fast Local Money Transfers

Revolut – bundles the best of affordable local transfers, international transfers (in 29+ currencies), and comprehensive modern open banking tools.

When you sign up for Revolut, you get a full-service currency account that lets you manage your everyday money seamlessly. 

Save money, budget, track, split bills, and more.

You can sign up for Revolut in the UK, US, European Economic Area (EEA), Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Switzerland. 

Learn more about Revolut in our in-depth review – Revolut (review)

Best Features:

No-fee local transfers:Get no-fee local Revolut-to-Revolut transfers and complimentary SEPA transfers.
Deposit Protection:As a licensed bank in Lithuania, your deposits are protected up to €100,000 EUR if you are living in the list of covered areas.
An account for everyone:Whether you’re an individual looking to dip your toes into open banking, a freelancer, or a larger enterprise, Revolut has an account for everyone.


With Revolut, the service fees largely depend on your chosen service tier.

Here’s a quick rundown of their transfer fees. 

International Transfer Fees: Revolut uses an exchange rate based on its market rate.  Premium, Metal, and Ultra users can enjoy unlimited transfers. 

Card Fees: Delivery and replacement card fees are applicable as well as ATM withdrawal fees above the prescribed limit (varies by account type), and currency conversion fees for ATM withdrawals abroad. 

Tip: To avoid exchange rate markups on the weekends, set up your transfers during weekdays.


Premium users, particularly those on the Revolut Ultra tier, can expect prompt support either through the in-app chat or via phone.

Other users get access to customer support via in-app chat.

Verdict: Why should you choose Revolut over WorldRemit?

Revolut promises more than just transferring money — it offers a holistic financial ecosystem that prioritizes cost efficiency and user-friendliness.

Click here to see the options and pricing available in your country (opens a new tab so you can keep reading).

Choose Revolut if you’re based in the UK, US, EU, Australia, or New Zealand and want a money management platform that brings no-fee local transfers, low-cost international transfers, and modern banking.

OR if you want no-fee SEPA transfers.


WorldRemit is a well-known service for international money transfers. However, there are other services that have different features and advantages for various needs.

Wise is the best WorldRemit alternative. It offers you the real mid-market exchange rate, which is the fairest and most accurate rate you can get and inexpensive bank-to-bank transfer fees. It can be a better option for people who travel frequently or do business internationally. 

The shizz? You can find out the exact amount that will reach your receiver right now on the Wise calculator here (opens a new tab). No sign-up is required!

Moreover, Wise business account offers user-friendly account management, easy invoicing, and multi-currency accounts, making it a suitable alternative for freelancers and small businesses needing efficient payment solutions. (Read more reviews above)

Revolut can be a handy option if you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler. Similar to Wise, Revolut also offers multi-currency accounts and a global debit card, but they don’t use the mid-market exchange rate, though they still offer a fair exchange rate. Revolut has various plans to match your lifestyle needs. (Read more reviews above)

Remitly is a good alternative to WorldRemit if you want to send money quickly and securely to your loved ones in emerging markets. It offers two delivery options: express and economy. Express transfers are fast and usually arrive within minutes, but they charge a higher fee and a lower exchange rate. Economy transfers are cheaper and offer a better exchange rate, but they take longer to arrive, usually within 3-5 business days. (Read more reviews above)

Instarem is an affordable way to move money overseas if you reside in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, or Singapore. Instarem can help you reduce expenses for small transfers (below $7000 USD) for personal or business matters. (Read more reviews above)

Paysend is a convenient option for sending small amounts (below $999). It offers more receiving countries than WorldRemit. PaySend enables you to send money to a card overseas, without requiring bank details. Furthermore, the Paysend Link option allows you to send money with just the recipient’s phone number. (Read more reviews above)

OFX is a great choice if you need to send large amounts of money across borders. You can get excellent phone support before and after your transfer, and track your money every step of the way. OFX charges low fees for transfers above $7,000 USD, whether for personal or business reasons. However, we negotiated to waive this fee (opens a new tab) so you can avoid these expenses fully – if applicable. (Read more reviews above)

XE is also a better option for transfers of $500 USD or more. XE has a broader reach than WorldRemit, as it can deliver money to over 200 countries worldwide from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. You can also get more favorable exchange rates with XE money transfer, as you can bid for the rates you want and receive free notifications on market changes. (Read more reviews above

These are just some of the best alternatives to WorldRemit that you can consider for your next money transfer. However, before you choose any of them, make sure to compare their features and fees (above) carefully and find the one that suits your needs and expectations.

Is WorldRemit and Western Union the same?

No, WorldRemit and Western Union are two different companies that offer international money transfer services. Both companies have different pros and cons and the best service depends on your specific needs.

Which is better WorldRemit or MoneyGram?

WorldRemit and MoneyGram are both well-known providers of international money transfers, but they have different features and services that may suit different needs.

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