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About Author: Hi, I’m Quinn Askeland. In 2014, I started Transumo after experiencing expensive, slow, and frustrating international money transfers and payments through banks. Once I discovered how to manage my own international currencies much better, I became driven to help others improve their transfers and payments. Fortunately, today, there are many excellent options. See My Full Bio.

I have been using several great alternatives to Xoom for many years now, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are the best alternatives to Xoom:

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  • For smaller transfers (below $7,000 USD), I personally use Wise and they have been our #1 pick for years. They charge low and transparent fees and they are great for anyone who needs to deal with multiple currencies.
  • For large transfers (above $7,000 USD), OFX is who I use and recommend especially if you are happy doing things online. Currencies Direct is also awesome and I recommend them to those who prefer a personalized service.
  • Xoom does not support business transfers, but both XE and Paysend business accounts offer competitive exchange rates and other benefits.
  • If you want to send money for cash pickup, Remitly can be a good alternative and has more countries and locations to which you can send cash.

Let’s take a look at the options and find the ideal one for you!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and savings on transfers if you use some of the links! For more information, see my disclosures here.

1. Quick Look

Which Xoom alternative is right for you?

Before you dive deeper, check out our quick snapshot.

Namewise logoOFX logoCurrencies Direct logoWorldRemit logoRemitly logoXE logoPaysend logo
Trustpilot Score4.2/5 with 203K+ reviews (as of January 2024)4.3/5 with 6.5K+ reviews (as of January 2024)4.9/5 with 10K+ reviews (as of January 2024)Low fees and near-instant card-to-card transfers4.1/5 with 43K+ reviews (as of January 2024)4.3/5 with 65K+ reviews (as of January 2024)4.3/5 with 32K+ reviews (as of January 2024)
💸FeesLowLow FairFairFairFairFair
🏆Best forAffordable bank-to-bank transfers below $7000 USDLarge bank transfers above $7000 USDHands-on support for large transfers above $7000 USDAffordable cash transfers below $7000 USDSmall cash transfers below $7000 USDBank transfers above $500 USDCard-to-card transfers
The GoodAffordable, available widely, multi-currency account, debit card, business accountVery affordable for large transfers, lock-in rates for future transfers, good customer supportConcierge-level customer support, low fees, flexible transfer optionsGuaranteed cash transfer in minutes when you use a credit or debit cardHas transfer speed options, many ways to send moneyPersonal and business transfers, rate alerts, lock-in rates, phone supportLow fees and near instant card to card transfers
The BadNo cash transfersNo cash transfers, Bank transfers can be slow (due to verifications for large amounts)No cash transfers, slower bank transfersNo business transfersRegistration is limited to the US, UK, EU, Australia and other 28 countriesFewer locations for cash transfersFewer payout methods (no cash transfers)
👍Why better?Bank transfers are inexpensive, multi-currency accountService designed for large transfersDesigned for large transfers and great customer serviceInexpensive cash transfersGuaranteed cash transfer in minutes when you use credit or debit cardVersatile range of inexpensive bank transfersEasier and Faster transfers for card-to-card transaction

2. When Xoom Works and When It Doesn’t

2.1 When It Works

Personal transfers anywhere from the US

Want to send cash or bank transfers abroad to major and exotic locations? Xoom supports 130+ countries for international money transfers. 

Many payout methods

Xoom lets you send cash, bank, door-to-door delivery (in some countries), and e-wallet transfers easily from their website or mobile app. 

Some countries – such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and more-  also support bill payment via Xoom.

Debit Card transfers from the US

Xoom also supports debit card transfers from the US to Visa and Mastercard debit cards in supported countries. 

In such cases, the funds are deposited to a recipient’s bank account within minutes but with relatively high fees (as is the case with almost all services).

Multilingual customer support

Xoom keeps its services truly international with multi-lingual phone support in English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Italian, German, and Arabic.

a comparison table of when Xoom service works and when it doesn't

2.2 When It Doesn’t Work

Sending Large Transfers:

Xoom has sending limits that vary according to user level, sending country, and rolling periods. While you can lift these restrictions, this may increase the transfer fees.

Business transfers

Currently, Xoom only supports personal transfers to friends and family – however, if you’re looking for business transfer options, we have some great alternatives below. 

You don’t live in the US, Canada, UK, or Europe

Xoom is only available in these countries – if you live in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia, or New Zealand, Xoom is not for you. 

Multi-currency account

If you frequently travel abroad, freelance with international clients, or run a global business where you need to get paid in multiple currencies without high fees, Xoom is not the right option for you. 

But there are some great options you can explore below.

3. Wise – Best Xoom Alternative (for small amounts)

Wise Review

Wise, formerly Transferwise, brings the best of both worlds – affordable bank transfers and a multi-currency account for personal and business. 

With Wise, you can sign up from pretty much anywhere (including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) and send money to 160 countries in 40+ currencies. 

You also get a multi-currency account, a debit card that works globally, a local receiving account in 10 currencies, and more. 

Learn more about  Wise (review) and Wise Multi-currency Account (review)

Best Features:

Low, transparent fees:There is no margin on the exchange rate, only a low service fee that changes with the transfer amount. You can always check the total cost before you make your transfer.
Multi-currency account:Hold, manage, and convert between 40+ currencies – available for personal and business


Wise transfers are processed at the mid-market or interbank rate (easy explanation) and they don’t charge a margin on the exchange rate unlike Xoom or other competitors. 

Their service fee is low – on average 0.66% of the amount – and they have local bank accounts in most supported countries which removes or minimizes surprise fees (like sending and receiving bank fees).

Transfers funded by cards – especially credit cards – attract a cash advance fee. 


Email support

Verdict: What makes Wise a great Xoom alternative for small amounts?

Wise is available for registration in many countries and their fee structure keeps costs low for international transfers – you know exactly how much you’ll pay – no surprises. 

You can send both personal and business payments with Wise and they come with a robust multi-currency account which is great for travelers, freelancers, and growing global businesses.

Choose Wise if you value transparency and honesty. I have been dealing with Wise for many years now and while not perfect I trust them. Check out one of their latest mission updates and you will see what I mean. You can also enjoy their multi-currency account at the same time.

Wise Mission Update

4. OFX – Best Xoom Alternative (for large amounts)

ofx  transumo rating


Want to send large transfers (above $7000 USD) without worrying? 

Check out OFX – they’re optimized for large transfers – which means no upper limits for large transfers, low fees and importantly 24/7 phone support. 

What’s more – OFX is available for both personal and business transfers. 

Get the low down on sending large transfers in our in-depth review – OFX (review)

Best features:

Many receiving countries:Transfer funds to over 190 countries in 55+ currencies
Flexible transfer options:Lock in rates for the future, minimize risks for business transfers, and more
Multi-currency account for business:Receive large business payments without high currency conversion fees
Offline presence:They have offices in in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong – you can walk in to get support for delayed transfers and more


OFX has a fixed $15 USD fee for all transfers below $10,000 USD in some countries. However, we arranged to waive this fee (opens a new tab) for you, so you can skip this charge altogether.

They also charge a low margin on the exchange rate – which goes down as the amount increases. 

This makes them very affordable for large transfers and with the $15 fee removed they are also pretty good for smaller transfers too.


24×7 phone support and offline support

Verdict: What makes OFX the best Xoom alternative for large transfers?

OFX’s fee structure, 24/7 phone support and the fact that they are designed to process large transfers makes them a great Xoom alternative for amounts above $7000 USD. 

Moreover, they support both personal and business payments.

Choose OFX for peace and mind. OFX are designed from the ground up to easily handle large transfers. This means that when you transfer money it is handled quickly efficiently and inexpensively. However, I believe the icing on the cake is their 24/7 phone support. I have experienced first hand how helpful this can be. I once had a transfer get held up by my bank (due to limits I was unaware of) but OFX got in touch and worked with me to quickly resolve the issue.

5. Currencies Direct – Great Customer Service for Large Transfers


A 4.9/5 rated money transfer service – that’s super rare. What makes Currencies Direct so great?

Currencies Direct is known for its excellent customer service for large transfers – which can be intimidating for most users. 

You get 24×7 transfers and support for setting up transfers and more. 

Plus, they’re regulated and licensed to handle large transfers – which means less frozen transfers or surprise fees if you send large amounts. Currencies Direct also offers you a free quote and rates that improve with the amounts you send.

Currencies Direct is available in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, India, South Africa, Spain, and Portugal and lets you send money in 40 currencies. 

Learn more about sending large amounts from the US and more with Currencies Direct in our detailed review: CurrenciesDirect (review).

Best Features:

Available for personal and business:Save fees on large transfers for all purposes
Customer service:Experience concierge-level customer support for everything related to your transfer
Flexible transfer options:Reduce risks and save on fees by locking in rates, transferring when a currency pair reaches your desired rate, and more
Global offices for offline support:They have offices in the US, the UK, Canada, China, Australia, Spain, India, South Africa, Portugal, Ireland.

The US office is in Orlando, Florida. 


Currencies Direct doesn’t charge any service fees although they add a margin on the exchange rate, which can go as low as 0.5% of the amount as the amount increases. 


24×7 phone support, email support, and offline support

Verdict: Why should I choose CurrenciesDirect over Xoom?

Both services offer completely different services – Xoom is great for small transfers, while CurrenciesDirect specializes in large bank-to-bank transfers above $7000 USD. 

CurrenciesDirect also lets you send business transfers abroad from the US with low fees.

The first thing I noticed when signing up with CurrenciesDirect is that real humans get involved. This extends to the everything they do and is why for some people we think they are the best choice and why the score so highly on review sites. I think you should check out CurrenciesDirect if you value customer service for large bank transfers above $7000 USD from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and more.

6. WorldRemit – Inexpensive Cash and Bank Transfers

World Remit review


WorldRemit are a great choice if you want your recipient to receive cash. They are also transparent and fees are low.

Best features:

Global reach:Send money to 130+ countries in 70 currencies
Many payout methods:Send cash, bank, e-wallet transfers, and Airtime top-ups in supported countries.


WorldRemit’s transfer fee can range from $0.99 USD to $5.99 USD depending on various factors such as the currency, country, amount, and delivery option.

Plus, there might be other fees like card fees (credit card cash advance fee), sending and receiving bank fees, and agent fees (for cash transfers). 

They usually share an estimate with a breakdown of fees during the transfer process. 

This is often quite a bit cheaper than Xoom.

Support: Country-specific phone numbers, FAQs, email

Verdict: Why choose WorldRemit as an alternative to Xoom?

With their low fees, WorldRemit can be potentially cheaper compared to Xoom for bank transfers (not as low as Wise, but close enough).

Moreover, they support over 70 currencies for money transfers, which cover major currencies and some exotic currencies.

Choose WorldRemit when you want cheaper bank and cash transfers and more currencies for international transfers.

7. Remitly – Cheaper Cash Transfers with Satisfaction Guarantee

transumo ratings of Remitly


Remitly is available in the US as well as the UK, Australia, and most European countries and supports personal transfers to friends and family only – just like Xoom. 

But here’s the cool part – they offer two transfer speeds – Economy (cheaper) and Express (more expensive) that come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. 

This means, if your transfer is delayed, they refund the fees. 

Learn more about sending cash fast and affordably with Remitly – Remitly (review).

Best Features:

Global reach:Send money to 170 countries in 100+ currencies from the US and 27 other countries.
Flexible transfer speed:Choose between Economy and Express options based on your specific needs to save on fees
Satisfaction guarantee:Peace of mind knowing your recipient will get the money on time


Remitly’s service fees are generally between $1.99 and $3.99 USD. They also add a small margin on top of the existing exchange rate.

If you opt for their Express service, keep in mind that using a credit card might incur some extra charges.

We also recommend keeping an eye on any potential fees from third-party banks when sending or receiving funds.

Oh, and don’t forget — if you’re sending cash, some receiving agents might apply additional charges. It’s always a good practice to be aware of all possible fees to avoid surprises!


Multilingual chat support

Verdict: What makes Remitly a great alternative to Xoom money transfers from the US?

Primarily because Remitly offers more currencies for transfers and flexible transfer speeds.

Choose Remitly when you want to send cash fast and affordably to friends and family in 170+ countries from the US, UK, EEA countries.

8. XE – Mid-size and Large bank transfers


XE specializes in mid-range to large transfers from the US for both personal and business payments. 

They’re also available in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 

Learn more about transferring money with XE in our comprehensive review – XE (review)

Best Features:

Wide reach:Send money to 190+ countries in 130 currencies
High transfer limit:Send up to GBP 350,000 / USD 535,000 / CAD 535,000 / NZD 750,000 per online transfer


XE charges a small flat fee and adds a margin to the exchange rate for transfers below $500, which can make sending small amounts relatively costly.

But above this amount, the flat fee gets waived and the margin on the exchange rate also goes down as the amount increases. 

Other fees include sending and receiving bank fees. 


Country-specific phone support

Verdict: What makes XE a good Xoom alternative?

XE is a specialized service for mid-range to large transfers, unlike Xoom which supports small transfers only with rolling limits based on usage levels, location, etc. 

XE also supports business transfers and gives you options to set up recurring payments, set up rate alerts for your desired currency pairs, lock-in rates, etc.

Choose XE when you want to send transfers above $500 USD with low fees and more flexibility – business transfers, add-on transfer services, better customer support and more.

9. PaySend – Fast, affordable Card-to-card Transfers

The real gold of Paysend is in how simple and fast it is to use.

Pretty much all transfer companies require you to find IBAN, BIC, and other account details to process a transfer.

But with Paysend all you have to do for card transfers is provide your recipient’s name and the 16-digit number on the front of their card to transfer the money.

Also Paysend gives you access to over 170 countries and 49 countries for card-to-card transfers from the US for small amounts below $999 USD. 

Learn more in our detailed review – PaySend (review).

Best Features:

Global Reach:Supports over 170 countries
Multi-currency account:Available in the UK and EEA and supports 8 currencies
Business paymentsGet paid for as low as 1.4% per transfer


Email and chat support

Verdict: What makes Paysend a great Xoom alternative?

Paysend supports more countries for card-to-card payments than Xoom, which can be helpful if you’re looking to send money abroad fast and affordably during an emergency.

Choose Paysend when you need more options for receiving countries for card-to-card transfers.


Xoom is a popular choice for international money transfers because it is reliable and secure. You can send money using your bank account, debit card, or credit card. You can also choose from multiple delivery options, such as bank deposit, cash pickup or home delivery.

However, Xoom also has some great alternatives that we think makes them better in certain situations.

Xoom is not as transparent on its fees as some, adds a fair margin to the exchange rate, and has transfer limits that depend on your account level. Additionally, Xoom doesn’t support business transfers or multi-currency accounts.

So here are the alternatives;

Wise does not do cash transfers but is the best Xoom alternative for small bank transfers in our view. In our testing, Wise regularly has lower fees and is more transparent.

Also if you are a traveler, a freelancer, an immigrant, or an expat, you can benefit from a multi-currency account with Wise. You can also check how much money your receiver will get with the Wise calculator, no sign up needed.

But if you want to transfer more than $7000 USD, OFX is a better option than both Wise and Xoom in our view. This is because they specialize in large transfers which can make life a whole lot better (Read more reviews above)

Best Alternatives to Xoom

Small Transfers: Wise

Large Transfers: OFX and Currencies Direct

Home Delivery: WorldRemit

Cash Pickup: Remitly

Business Transfers: XE

Card Transfers: Paysend

Open banking & Money Transfers: Revolut

But even OFX is not necessarily the best for everyone. For great customer service and large bank transfers, Currencies Direct is as good as it gets. They have offices in various locations, such as the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and more. They can also give you better rates based on how much money you send and you can request a free quote from them. (Read more reviews above)

If you want to send money with a home delivery option, WorldRemit can be a better choice than Xoom. WorldRemit has transparent fees and regularly has a more favorable exchange rate than Xoom. You can save money on bank transfers, cash pickup and home delivery with WorldRemit. (Read more reviews above)

Remitly can be a better option for sending cash quickly and affordably to your loved ones in over 170 countries from the US, UK, and EEA countries. (Read more reviews above)

Unlike Xoom, which only caters to personal transfers, XE supports personal and business transfers. We like XE for transfers above $500 USD. (Read more reviews above)

For card-to-card payments, Paysend makes it easier and faster to send money because it does away with IBANs, BICs and seeking out loads of paperwork in order to make a payment. Paysend also covers more countries and is relatively inexpensive. (Read more reviews above)

These are our top 7 Xoom alternatives that you can consider for your next money transfer. Compare the features and fees (above).

Happy transfers!

Is Xoom an alternative to PayPal?

No, although Xoom is owned by Paypal but its not a direct alternative to PayPal. PayPal offers a wide range of online payment services, while Xoom is limited to personal transfers and payments. Check out our comparison table to learn the other features and limitations of Xoom.

Is Xoom the same as Western Union?

Xoom and Western Union may have similarities in the services they offer but they have totally different features, fees, and coverage. Read our guide to see when Xoom is better and when it’s not for your transfers.

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