WorldRemit vs Remitly – 7 Things You Need to Know

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WorldRemit and Remilty can be great alternatives to services like WesternUnion, Ria, and Moneygram especially if you are serious about saving money. In this post, we will show you which has generally lower fees and look into 3rd party reviews, transfer speeds, and customer service.

In a nutshell:

Remitly VS WorldRemit

Both are leaders when it comes to smaller amounts including bank transfers, mobile wallet transfers, and cash pick-ups. Remitly offers home delivery while WorldRemit offers prepaid mobile top-ups.

In our testing, WorldRemit offered slightly lower fees and a business option.

In this comparison, I will evaluate WorldRemit and Remitly on fees, features, speed, customer service, and customer feedback. I will also examine the negative reviews and what they imply.

Let’s get stuck into it.

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1. Quick Comparison

WorldRemit and Remitly have “Great” reviews from their customers on Trustpilot, where they score 4.0/5 (83k+ reviews) and 4.1/5 (42k+ reviews) respectively. That shows that they are both very good at satisfying their customers and delivering their promises.

At a glance, it may seem like WorldRemit and Remitly offer the same service – fast international money transfers at a low cost.

While they offer many of the same services, the big differentiator is the folks they serve.

In a nutshell: Both are leaders when it comes to smaller amounts including bank transfers, mobile wallet transfers, and cash pick-ups. Remitly offers home delivery while WorldRemit offers prepaid mobile top-ups. In our testing, WorldRemit offered slightly lower fees and a business option.

Don’t miss: “Where Neither is Best” section below

With WorldRemit in your country you can also get the first 4 transfers free (using the code ‘3FREE‘*).

*T’s & C’s: 3Free applies to the below send/receive countries

  • Send: US, AU, CA, UK & FR
  • Receive: PH, FJ, ZW, NP, GH, KE, CM, MA, CI & CD

Meanwhile, with Remitly you can see the rate you get and they may have an offer for new applicants.

WorldRemit (review) is focused on making international money transfers fast, easy and flexible at bank-beating rates for everyone in the 50 sender countries they support to 130 receiving countries.

With Remitly (review), immigrant workers can send money fast and affordably from 28 sending countries to family and friends in 130 receiving countries.


WorldRemit Likes:

  • More sending countries and currencies supported 
  • Flexibility – send money to bank accounts, mobile wallets, and cash pick up locations
  • Instant top up for prepaid mobiles with AirTime

WorldRemit Dislikes:

  • Complex fee structure
  • No business accounts


Remitly Likes:

  • Specialized service for sending money home from 28 countries
  • Flexibility – send money to bank accounts, mobile wallets, and cash pick up locations
  • Two options to send money: Express (faster and more expensive) and Economy (slower but cheaper)
  • Cheaper to send $1000+ to some locations

Remitly Dislikes:

  • Complex fee structure
  • No business accounts
  • Limited availability

* When Neither is Best

If you like WorldRemit or Remitly BUT you can transfer from a bank account to a bank accountWise (review) offers a simple and more transparent service which we think is the best way to go for transfers below $7000 USD/ 4500 GBP.

Above $7000 USD/ 4500 GBP other services can be even cheaper and importantly have telephone based customer service which can be a big deal for larger amounts. OFX (review) (Worldwide), TorFX money transfers (review) (Australasia) and Currencies Direct (review) (America and Europe) reduce the fees in percentage terms as the amounts rise.

To decide between the two: OFX balances online with telephone support while TorFX and Currencies Direct (owned by TorFX) focuses on exceptional telephone service mostly. Moreover, neither WorldRemit nor Remitly offer business transfers but all the recommendations above do.

Check out these 6 Remitly Alternatives for more.

2. Costs and Fees (+ Hidden Fees?)


  • Fees depend on sending country, target currency, amount and payout method
  • WorldRemit charges a flat service fee (ranging between $1.99 USD or equivalent to $12.99 USD)
  • Mobile wallet payments are cheapest, followed by cash transfers and bank transfers
  • Can check a breakdown of fees before you sign up for an account

Hidden Fees?

Additional fees may include sending and receiving fees charged by banks, agent fees, and cash advance fee for transfers funded by credit cards


  • Fees depend on sending country, amount, currency, and service (Express or Economy)

Express: Express services are more expensive because they’re funded by a debit or credit card (credit card issuer charges cash advance fee)

Economy: The economy service is cheaper and Remitly waives the service fee of $3.99 USD if you send more than $1000 USD via this service

  • Remitly also charges a margin on the exchange rate and a service fee that depends on the currency and service (usually $3.99 USD or equivalent if sending less than $1000 USD)
  • Can’t see fees or exchange rate without signing up

Hidden Fees?

Apart from the cash advance fee for Express transfers, watch out for fees charged by sending and receiving banks and cash pick up agents.

Winner: Tie

Usually, it’s cheaper to send cash with WorldRemit, while bank transfers are cheaper with Remitly (with their Economy option – especially if you send more than $1000 USD). However you should check for your currency pairs and method of funding and receiving.

We almost gave this one to WorldRemit because you can check the approximate rates on their website home page (the actual exchange you get while transferring may be different due to market movements).

Rest assured, the total cost of transfer turns out to be much lower than the fees charged by high street banks and they also offer cheaper options than Wester Union, Ria and Moneygram.

3. Safe?


  • WorldRemit is regulated by the financial institutions of the countries where it operates. For example, the company is licensed as an Electronic Money Institution and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Even in other countries, WorldRemit is registered with relevant financial regulatory bodies. In New Zealand, WorldRemit is registered with FSPR and in Australia with AUSTRAC. It is also registered with all states in the USA which makes it up being a great service for American residents.
  • Customer funds held separately from operating funds – just like high street banks 
  • Focus on security across platforms:
    • All user identities are verified before they can start using WorldRemit
    • Communication between the app and the online platform are encrypted
    • Machine learning and manual audits are used to detect fraud, money laundering, and phishing
  • Photo ID and transfer reference needed for cash pick ups


  • Remitly is registered with the U.S. Dept. of Treasury as a Money Services Business and licensed in all U.S. states as a money transmitter. They’re also regulated by the FINTRAC in Canada, the FCA in the UK, the Central bank of Ireland for European countries, and the ASIC in Australia.
  • All new user accounts are verified to comply with Remitly’s regulations
  • They use Socket Layer (SSL) with 256-bit encryption to protect your personal data and money 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee clause – this means you’ll receive a full refund if you cancel a transaction. They also refund the transfer fees if your money is delivered but you’re dissatisfied with their service
  • Also needs a government issued-ID and transference reference for cash pick ups

Winner: Tie

As far as is reasonable to tell, both services can be trusted with your money.

They’re regulated service providers who focus on preventing theft, fraud, and money laundering via their platform with best-in-class encryption methods and also have measures in place to keep your money safe in case of cash pick ups.

4. Reviews (inc. Negative Ones) – What Others Are Saying


WorldRemit is rated 4.1/5 on Trustpilot, which is considered “Great.”


  • Fast transfers
  • Easy to understand process – even for beginners 

I am amazed that within minutes of initiating the transfer from UK the money was deposited into the recipient account. The recipient’s account was in a Indian bank (Kotak Mahindra) that was partnered with WorldRemit.

– Shreyas R on Trustpilot

I had never sent money overseas until I made a transaction on World Remit. The process was completed in a timely manner, and was easy to understand on the website. They kept me informed every step of the way until the money was received on the other end. Thanks for a painless process.

– Robert A on Trustpilot


  • Canceled or delayed transfers

Some users were disappointed when their transfers were canceled or delayed – and this can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Going over the prescribed limit (varies by country)
  • Sending a business payment (only personal transfers are supported)
  • Setting up a transfer on a holiday or a weekend (Transfers are processed faster during regular banking hours. Transfer speed also depends on the location and funding method)


Remitly is also rated 4.1/5 on Trustpilot, which is considered “Great.”


  • Fast and affordable money transfer for immigrants
  • Trustworthy service – keeps their “100% satisfaction guarantee promise”

Remitly is the easiest fastest way to send cash to my family in Kenya and it takes about five minutes for me to complete the process and for them to receive the cash through Mpesa on their phones! My mother can go to the supermarket knowing that by the time she is done picking items, I will have sorted her because it’s instant and convenient.

– Damirs Weche on Trustpilot

I have been using this app for about 3 months to send money to Cambodia. It is fast, reasonably priced, and most importantly trustworthy. I had to cancel a remittance once and they immediately stopped the payment and sent me an email saying they would be credited back to me in 10 business days. But, it was back in my account in 2 days and this was a weekend. I highly recommend this app.

– Andrew on Trustpilot 


  • Transfers delayed or suspended

It’s always stressful when your transfer is delayed or suspended – on Remitly, it’s usually due to the following reasons:

  • Going over the daily, weekly, or monthly limits
  • Account unverified before transfer
  • Transfer being audited for compliance
  • Unusual account activity (for example, sending a large amount when you usually send micro transfers)

The good news is, if your transfer doesn’t go through, Remitly refunds the whole amount according to their 100% satisfaction guarantee clause. And if the money reaches, but you’re still dissatisfied with the delay, Remitly usually refunds the transfer fees.

Winner: Tie

Both WorldRemit and Remitly score 4.1/5 on Trustpilot compared to most banks which struggle to score above 2/5 on Trustpilot. Meanwhile remitters like Western Union (4/5) and Moneygram (4.3/5) score similarly while Ria scores (3/5).

That said even the problems faced seem to be mostly avoidable.

5. Ease of Use


  • Scores 4.8/5 on Google Play
  • Scores 4.7/5 on App Store
  • Easier to check rates without signing up
  • Transfers supported to 130 locations, including among the 50 sender countries supported for registration
  • Many payout methods
    • Banks transfers
    • Mobile Wallet transfer
    • Cash pick ups
    • Prepaid mobile top up
    • Door-to-door delivery (only in Vietnam)


  • Scores 4.8/5 on Google Play
  • Scores 4.9/5 on App Store
  • Can’t check rates or lock in exchange rates without signing up
  • Remitly doesn’t support transfers between its 28 sender countries
  • Also supports many funding methods:
    • Card (debit, credit, and prepaid)
    • Bank transfers
    • Klarna/Sofort – Austria and Germany
    • iDeal – the Netherlands
    • Passbook – the US
    • SEPA transfers – France
  • Also offers multiple payout methods
    • Banks transfers
    • Mobile Wallet transfer
    • Cash pick ups
    • Prepaid mobile top up
    • Door-to-door delivery (available in Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Vietnam)

Winner: Tie

WorldRemit and Remitly both have very high scores on the App Store and Google Play which we think is and indication of how easy they are to use.

Both also have excellent flexibility in the ways you can fund the transfer and payout methods.

6. Transfer Speeds


  • Cash transfers: In minutes to a few hours
  • Mobile wallet transfers and Airtime top ups: Instant
  • Bank transfers: From a few hours to a few days (2-4 days)

Transfers with major currencies (like USD, GBP, AUD, etc.) are processed quicker, while regulated currencies like the Chinese Yen may take longer.


  • Express transfers (cash and bank): In a few minutes
  • Economy (bank transfers): 3-5 days (depends on the location)
  • Mobile wallet transfers: Instant

Your recipient can also track the transfer, which minimizes a lot of back and forth.

Remitly also notifies you if your transfer is on hold, under review by their partner in the recipient country, or if you’ve made any changes to your recipient’s details.

Lastly, Remitly refunds the transfer fees (but not the margin on the exchange rate) if your money doesn’t arrive on time.

Winner: Tie

Both services let you send money in minutes easily and affordably. However, if speed is not a priority, Remitly’s Economy option is much more affordable.

7. Customer Service and Support


  • 24×7 country-specific phone support (if you have a transfer in progress)
  • Extensive country guides in FAQs with specific information on fees, limits, funding methods, regulations, etc.


  • 24×7 live chat in English, French, and Spanish
  • 24×7 phone support in English and Spanish
  • Country-specific guides in FAQs (search answers in 15 languages)

Winner: Remitly

It’s great to see both companies offering 24×7 support in multiple languages – especially phone support. However, Remitly wins this round by supporting multiple languages by phone to make sure their service is truly international.


With 1 win for Remitly for being more multilingual and 5 ties in other categories, it really depends on your needs.

No one service is best for all.

However, WorldRemit may be better for you because they’re available in more countries. They also tend to have lower fees for sending cash if that’s your priority, but you should check for your circumstances. We also like that WorldRemit also offers 3 free transfers (using the code ‘3FREE‘*). *They have some T’s & C’s – click the link to see if you can get it!

On the other hand, Remitly is maybe your best choice if you are sending money home to family or friends and especially if you are sending more than $1000 (economy option) on occasion. And they have 24×7 multilingual customer phone support.

Really unless you can send bank-to-bank as we discussed when neither is best (above) then we think these are both great.

Happy Transfers!

Which is better – WorldRemit or Remitly?

We found that WorldRemit serves far more countries and can do business transfers. However assuming you can apply for both – each has strengths the other does not especially when it comes to fees.

Are WorldRemit or Remitly better than WesternUnion, MoneyGram and Ria?

WorldRemit and Remitly have been designed from the ground up to be better than their older competitors. In practice, this means fees can be quite a bit lower which they have done by focusing on want most people want (rather than serving everyone).

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